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Our calendar is open for 2024 and 2025.. but it's filling fast

* Flanco Pizza cannot guarantee the quality of shapes cut on the dancefloor. 

Pizza van at

your wedding

Beam your wedding guests up to the land of Flanco Pizza.


Dreaming of tasting handmade pizza fresh out of the oven on your wedding day?


Get ready to grab a slice of tangy traditional Neapolitan with a twist.


You’ll be as entertained as our Pizzaiolo (That’s what you call a pizza maker) stretches your dough in front of you before launching it into the 500℃ oven.


90 seconds later, heaven.


Plus, our beloved handpainted converted horsebox is a real showstopper centrepiece that will be talked about by everyone.


Welcome to Flanco Pizza where everything is hand made from our delicious tangy pizza bases to our converted Rice Beaufort horsebox, making pizza dreams come true!

Pizza Van for Wedding Evening Food

evening food

This is what we were born to do!


Having pizza as evening food at your wedding is a real treat for you and your guests. And according to research, pizza is thought to be the number 1 human fuel for dancing (probably). It allows people to snack throughout the evening while catering to all the various hunger levels.


Youngsters love a slice of our simple margarita, the test of any good pizzeria, while those with an appetite can keep coming back for more.


We’ll serve the whole classic Flanco Pizza menu buffet style for people to try all of the unique flavours. Once the first pizza hits the oven, we’ll just keep cooking, made fresh in front of you so there’s hot pizza on tap!


Any particular allergies we can cater to including vegan options - all our dough is vegan so we can simply go cheeseless or even add melty vegan cheese. So how much pizza will you get? Our experience with evening food is that not everybody will eat a whole pizza. A good rule of thumb is a 70% to 80% pizza-person ratio. So if you have 100 guests, 70-80 pizzas will be plentiful.

Pizza Van for your
Wedding breakfast?

wedding breakfast

Choosing a pizza van for your wedding breakfast needs to be carefully thought about.


It very much depends on the style of your wedding.


Although pizzas do cook in 90 seconds, with the wedding breakfast as a main meal for the day there will be lots of hungry guests and a pizza van won’t be able to serve everyone at the same time.


For anything more than 30 guests, the food will be best-served buffet style allowing people to try all the delicious flavours over a longer period of time.


Take an example of 100 guests, it would take a few hours to serve everybody individual pizzas to order whereas a buffet-style enables a steady stream throughout the day.


So when thinking about pizza for your wedding breakfast, it can work if you’re planning a more relaxed affair allowing people to eat throughout the afternoon.


Whatever you’re thinking, get in touch and we can work together for the perfect setup.

Pizza Van for Festival Style Wedding?

festival style

Festival themed weddings have been growing in popularity in recent years. Many people now opt for a more relaxed, informal celebration. It allows guests to socialize and eat at their leisure, removing the normal framework for the day. 


Having food trucks like the Flanco Pizza van adds to the laid-back feel, leaving more room for celebrating and socializing.


Plus no seating plan, no stress!


We always like to say, beam your guest up to the land of Flanco Pizza for more that a delicious slice. It's a talking point, photo opportunities and something for your friends and family to 'talk' about well after the day is done.

Bear in mind that you will want a few different food options to make the festival style work smoothly. Mainly to avoid your guests awkwardly standing in line and to help with demand.


Looking for some more inspiration for wedding street food, festival style music, bespoke drinks and even an epic venue? Then check out some of our partners at the bottom of this page.

pizza buffet

Pizza buffet?

Sounds awesome right?

Okay, so you have booked Flanco Pizza to serve your wedding evening food. Now we start cooking we will fire up all the pizzas on the Flanco menu, each served on boards to be laid out in front of your eyes. (Napkins and plates provided).

The next job is really down to you, pick up a slice and insert it into the face.

Top tip: Be patient don't eat molten hot cheese

We will continue to whip up our delicious pizza whilst you and your guests can fill up your bellies with pizza.

What to expect

what to expect

Its the day before your wedding, excitement and nerves are tingling all over. But you can rest your mind knowing that your pizza dough is currently being prepared.

24hrs later... 

You've just got married congratulations ( virtual high five! ) Whilst you two were saying the I do's, Flanco was slicing onions, balling doughs and getting the final prep together. 

Now it's time to party as Flanco Pizza is on its way to you.

We will arrive about  2 hrs before service starts to get set up and our ovens nice and hot. We're fully self-contained so don't need any electrical hookups (but if you have one it's always appreciated - much like cold beer) and fear not, there's no noisy generator ruining your epic wedding music playlist you & your partner spent the last 3 months crafting.

Now for the most important part of the day... PIZZA.

Pizzas are flowing, guests are laughing your parents are cutting shapes* on the dancefloor, what more could you want.
As the night draws in you have either smashed all the pizza ( wow that's impressive ) or there are still a few doughs left no worries we can box them up for you to enjoy later on. You can even add a bespoke stamped message onto the boxes if you want. 

If you have any more questions drop us a line at

* Flanco pizza cannot guarantee the quality of shapes cut on the dancefloor. 


parking the pizza van

Please make sure your venue will allow enough room for us to manoeuvre the trailer. The trailer width is 2.1 metres and nearly 9 metres long including the towing vehicle. The car can then be detached from the trailer.

flanco van with car.png

Cancellation Policy

To secure a date in our diary we need a 20% deposit of the total fee. This is non-refundable unless otherwise agreed in writing.

The total amount is due 2 weeks prior to your event any cancellation within 2 weeks of the event will still be charged at 100%.

Moving the date within 2 weeks will require an additional deposit to again secure the date in our diary. 

Flanco Pizza is not responsible for ensuring that the trailer can be set up and used on or at premises or private property. The organiser needs to make sure there is adequate space in order for us to serve.

Should Flanco Pizza be forced to cancel an event then a full refund will be given.

Where can we go?

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