Heavenly Handmade Neapolitan


flanco pizza at your wedding

Make your event unique with our showpiece converted horsebox

Choose the classic Flanco Pizza menu or even design your own favourites. We can serve buffet style or even individual pizzas (depending on the number of hungry guests at one time...) We're happy to discuss the best way to make your event awesome!

Care with extra flair is what you get with Flanco Pizza. Everything we do is handmade from making the tangy dough to designing the horsebox.

If you're looking for awesome food that everyone will love plus a striking centrepiece, well, look no further...


Where can we go?


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parking the pizza van

Please make sure your venue will allow enough room for us to manoeuvre the trailer. The trailer width is 2.1 metres and nearly 9 metres long including the towing vehicle. The car can then be detached from the trailer.

flanco van with car.jpg